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News | 2021-05-27
A screen shot of persons in a digital meeting

Research students in Mistra SafeChem meet to cooperate

Much of the work in Mistra SafeChem is done by research students. In total fifteen PhD students, post-docs, guest researchers and project workers are currently linked to the programme. Now they have had their first meeting – digitally, of course.

The purpose of these meetings is to encourage dialogue and cooperation between different parts of the programme and to take the first steps towards building a strong research community in green and sustainable chemistry.

The research student group will meet several times per year. There they will get the opportunity to present their research to each other for inspiration, critical review, and cooperation.

The majority of the students are active at Stockholm University, but some also at KTH and DTU.

Inspiring to learn more about their colleagues

At this first meeting, on May 21, ten research students within the Mistra SafeChem programme took part, presented themselves and gave an elevator pitch on their research. This was much appreciated among the students who found the meeting inspiring as they learnt more about both the programme and their colleagues.

Several areas of potential cooperation were identified within the fields of ecotoxicology, catalysis, chemical analysis, and separation techniques.