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News | 2021-10-18
Two yellow warning signs: one with a shark fin and the text "Hazard", the other with a man in the water close to the shark fin and the text "Risk".

Illustration: Freepik and Mistra SafeChem

Welcome to a breakfast webinar about screening tools for safe-by-design chemistry

In the Mistra SafeChem breakfast webinar series, we have presented the hazard and exposure screening tools for safe-by-design chemistry, which we develop within the programme.
Did you miss it? Now you can watch a recording.

This webinar was held December 7 by the work package with the title Hazard and risk screening – early warning and proactivity.

A distinction might be in place: A hazard is something that has the potential to harm you. Risk is the likelihood of a hazard causing harm.

Tools for reducing hazards and risks

At this webinar, you will learn more about how we establish a fit for purpose-screening platform. It will allow rapid provision of human and ecological hazard and exposure data, facilitating iterative refinement and replacement of chemical processes.

We will also describe our various technical toolboxes. They comprise a wide variety of computational and cell-based assays covering sentinel toxicities, as well as analytical techniques for targeted and non-targeted chemical identification and quantitation.

You will see how selective techniques are applied to individual case studies within the programme, and how the data support life cycle assessment (LCA).

We will also illustrate how this combination supports decision making towards reducing hazards and risks.


Hazard screening toolbox:
Computational tools: Ulf Norinder, Stockholm University
Cell-based assay tools: Ian Cotgreave, RISE

Chemical screening toolbox:
Ulrika Nilsson, Stockholm University

Hazard and risk assessment and LCA:
Ian Cotgreave, RISE

All speakers are engaged in the Mistra SafeChem programme.

More webinars to come

This series of breakfast webinars will continue in the spring of 2022 when the other work packages in Mistra SafeChem will present their work:

  • February 8: Design and management of chemicals, materials and processes
  • March 23: Life cycle assessment and management
  • May 24: Case studies on cosmetics, the air quality inside cars and other