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News | 2022-06-01
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The father of green chemistry keynote speaker at the Mistra SafeChem Programme Symposium

Professor Paul Anastas, known as The father of green chemistry, will be a keynote speaker at the Mistra SafeChem Programme Symposium, together with professor Lutz Ackermann, Göttingen, and Stewart Owen, AstraZeneca.
Welcome to listen to and meet the speakers, to learn more about green and sustainable chemistry!

The Mistra SafeChem Programme Symposium on green and sustainable chemistry is held on September 26, 2022, at AstraZeneca in Mölndal, just south of Gothenburg.

The purpose of Mistra SafeChem is to reduce or eliminate toxic chemicals and promote a shift to a sustainable society. The framework for green chemistry and the tools for evaluating effects and risks with synthesis and process paths can promote that development. This is the focal point of this symposium.

Both international and national speakers

We are proud to present these internationally known keynote speakers:

  • Paul Anastas, Director of the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering at Yale University:
    Green chemistry for a sustainable world
  • Lutz Ackermann, Professor at the Georg-August-University Göttingen. Founder and Director of the Woehler Research Institute for Sustainable Chemistry:
    Sustainable molecular synthesis by catalyzed C-H activation
  • Stewart Owen, Principal Environmental Scientist, AstraZeneca:
    Driving sustainable innovation across the pharmaceutical product life cycle and value chain

You will also learn more about the current research in Mistra SafeChem from these scientists:

  • Aji Mathew, Professor in materials chemistry, Stockholm University:
    Sustainable textile recycling: Innovative processes and products
  • Per-Olof Syrén, Associated professor in chemistry for life sciences, KTH:
    Designer enzymes for safe and sustainable chemical synthesis
  • Ian Cotgreave, Professor in toxicology, RISE:
    Minimizing hazards and risks in chemical process development: Tools, applications and potential for impact

Malin Lemurell, Executive Director at AstraZeneca, will welcome to the premises. Moderators for the day are Ulrica Edlund, KTH, and Lennart Bergström, Stockholm University.

Attend in person or digitally

The people of the Mistra SafeChem research programme look forward to meeting you all at the venue of AstraZeneca in Mölndal. But if you cannot participate in person, you can also listen in digitally.

You will be offered coffee during the afternoon and a vegan snack meal at the mingling which concludes the symposium.

Details about the symposium

Date and time: September 26, 2022, from 13.00 to 18:00 (reception opens at 12.30)
Venue: AstraZeneca (PGN Conference Center, Pepparedsleden 5, Mölndal) or Zoom
Cost: Free of charge
Last day for registration: September 12, 2022