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News | 2022-06-23
A man standing leaning against a workbench in a chemistry lab

A desire to use knowledge to create a sustainable future

Curiosity about molecules, cells and enzymes, an inspiring chemistry teacher in high school and a desire to use this knowledge to create a sustainable future – that has led Richard Lihammar to the post as programme director for Mistra SafeChem.

Mistra, The Swedish foundation for strategic environmental research who is the finacier of Mistra SafeChem, has published an long interview with Richard Lihammar, who is the programme director since this spring.

There you can read about his view of risks in chemical research, about the complex question of how companies combine new research results with product development and regulations, but also about the opportunities he sees with how Mistra SafeChem combines different fields of knowledge.

– I have worked a lot with innovative syntheses and product development, but neither in my studies nor in my previous work have I had the opportunity to assess and analyze these innovations in the way I now see that we are about to develop, Richard Lihammar explains.

You can read the entire article via this link External link, opens in new window. (in Swedish).